Camella General Trias Cavite

The Camella General Trias Cavite is a shopping mall located in the Philippines. It is the largest shopping mall in the country and one of the most visited destinations for tourists. This article will discuss some of the interesting facts about this popular tourist destination.

Camella General Trias Cavite is a city in the Philippines. The city was founded on October 11, 1867 and became a municipality on November 4, 1896. The name of the town comes from camellia which means flower.

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Welcome to Camella General Trias Cavite, a blog devoted to bringing you the latest news and updates on properties for sale in General Trias Cavite. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious house or lot for sale, we have everything you need here!

Why Invest in General Trias, Cavite?

Cavite is one of the most popular provinces in the Philippines, and for good reason. The province has a lot to offer, from its rich history to its beautiful beaches. Cavite is also home to some of the country’s best schools and hospitals.

General Trias is one of the cities in Cavite that is rapidly growing. The city is known for its agricultural products, as well as its manufacturing industries. General Trias is also a great place to live in because it is relatively close to Manila (about 30 minutes by car).

If you are thinking of buying a house and lot in General Trias, Cavite, here are some things that you should know:

There are many housing developments in General Trias, Cavite. One of the most popular developments is Camella Homes. Camella Homes offers a wide variety of house models to choose from. Their prices start at around PHP 2 million (about USD 39,000).

Another reason why you should invest in General Trias, Cavite is because of its strategic location. The city is near Metro Manila, so it’s perfect for those who work in the city but want to live in a quieter and more peaceful setting. It’s also close to other provinces like Batangas and Laguna, making it easy to go on weekend getaways or day trips.

The History of Camella Homes

Camella homes is one of the largest homebuilders in the Philippines. The company was founded in 1977 by Jose Rizal Camacho and now has over 40,000 homes built across the country.

The company’s name comes from the Spanish word for “flower”, which is fitting given that Camella Homes often builds homes with flowery designs. One of their most popular models is called “Freya”, named after the Norse goddess of love and beauty.

If you’re looking for a new home in the Philippines, Camella Homes is definitely worth checking out!

Camella Homes in General Trias, Cavite

Looking for a brand new home in General Trias, Cavite? Check out Camella Homes! Our houses are perfect for families of all sizes, and our Freya model is one of our most popular options. Located in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, Camella Homes is the perfect place to raise a family. Plus, our homes are also very affordable – you won’t find a better deal anywhere else in Cavite!

Why Choose Camella?

Camella is one of the largest and most respected developers in the Philippines. They have been in business for over 40 years and have built over 400,000 homes all over the country.

They are known for their quality construction, beautiful designs, and friendly staff. Their homes are also very affordable, making them a great option for first-time homebuyers or those on a budget.

If you’re looking for a new home in General Trias Cavite, Camella Homes is definitely worth checking out!

The Different House Models Offered by Camella

Camella Homes is one of the leading house and lot developers in the Philippines. They have a wide range of house models to choose from that would suit every family’s needs. Here are some of their popular house models:

1. Camella Silang Cavite – The Camella Silang Cavite is a beautiful model that features Spanish-inspired architecture. It has a spacious floor area and can accommodate up to 4 bedrooms. This model is perfect for families who are looking for a comfortable and stylish home.

2. Camella Freya Model – The Camella Freya Model is another great choice for families who want a spacious and stylish home. It comes with 3-4 bedrooms, a maid’s room, and a laundry area. This model also has a 2-car garage, making it perfect for those who have multiple vehicles or those who love to entertain guests at home.

3. Camella Homes General Trias – The Camella Homes General Trias is perfect for families who are looking for an affordable yet quality home. It comes with 2-3 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath, and a kitchen with granite countertops. This model also has an option for an added balcony (with additional fee), making it even more perfect for those who love to enjoy the fresh air and the scenic view of their neighborhood.

Prices and Payment Plans

Camella Homes offers a wide range of prices and payment plans to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a house and lot for sale in General Trias Cavite or elsewhere, we have a plan that will suit your budget. We offer flexible financing options and down payment schemes so you can purchase your dream home with ease.

For more information on our prices and payment plans, please contact us today.


1. What is the best way to find a lot for sale in General Trias Cavite?

The best way to find a lot for sale in General Trias Cavite would be to search online on websites such as Property24 or Lamudi. You can also check with real estate agents in the area.

2. Are there any camella homes in General trias?

Yes, there are several Camella Homes developments in General Trias. Some of these include Camella Silang Cavite and Camella Homes Freya Model.

3. How much does a house and lot for sale in General Trias Cavite cost?

Prices for houses and lots in General Trias Cavite vary depending on the size and location of the property. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from PHP 2 million to PHP 10 million for a property in this area.

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