@EricBellinger Released New Music FT. @WALE. Listen To #TreatYourself MP3

ERIC BELLINGER FEAT. WALE - TREAT YOURSELF Dope feature though… Read More  Read More

A Few #HipHop Artist Who Took Pics In The #WhiteHouse

White House When the White House enjoyed Hip-Hop.. Read More  Read More

@Wale Keeps The Singles Coming Through W/ #BlackIsGold Mp3 @MaybachMusicGrp

Wale: Black Is Gold Wale moving pass diss records and subs to get to what really matters. I think this is a space that Wale can grow creatively.. Read More  Read More

If You Havent Listened To #DiffrentStrokes Mp3 From @JRCastroLV Feat @Wale, Do It Now

What is J.R Castro up to? Read More  Read More

@WHOiSHi Debuts The Music Video To #WeRun Ft. @FrencHMonTanA @Wale & @Raekwon

  The unexpected release came with some features from Hip-Hop Rap Gawds! The We Run’ mp3 was released featuring French Montana, Wale & Raekwon while iShi served up the hook. The grayscale music video followed with all three features making its debut on Vevo. Check out the music video release of We Run’          Read More

@Wale Wants In On That #Powerball (Freestyle) Hype

I ain’t mad at Wale wantin piece o that Powerball action, I’d take a couple of M’s of the top as well. But both Wale and myself wonder what would you do with a Billion to your name? Check out the mp3 freestyle release from the still MMG, music artist, Wale. Powerball (freestyle)…  Read More

@Wale x @TerrenceJ WIll Join #FLOTUS @MichelleObama for @ReachHigher #BeatIngTheOdds Summit

Maybach Music Group artist Wale and former BET host Terrence J was invited through the #BeatingTheOdds Summit (@ReachHigher) vision by the First Lady, Michelle Obama at the White House. The 2015 Beating the Odds Summit event will play host to more than 130 college-bound students from across the country in Washington, D.C. The Reach Higher initiative will help make sure all students understand what they need to complete their education, including: Exposing... Read More

@MiguelUnlimited Releases An Extended Version Of #CoffeeFucking Featuring @Wale Mp3

Late Sunday, another surprise, surprise, the Lotus Flower Bomb duo is back, and this time although Miguel takes the lead, roles are switched but the same the good vibes flows through.  The record originally appeared on Miguels, EP last year but the renewed record is longer and features the MMG star, Wale. It’s also about that time for a compilation from Miguel, other than his last EP, Miguel has been rumored to be preppin an album release... Read More

#JerrySeinfled Recalls Working w/ @Wale On #TAAN

In an interview with NYT, a very long awaited interview for, Jerry Seinfled as he gets to speak about working with the Maybach Music Group artist, Wale.  The entire album was themed for the first time after a late-night show, while collaborating with the stars/maker of the show. With original comedy based from Seinfled, the rumored $1 Million an episode actor was interviewed about his music debut alongside Wale as well as the “The Album About... Read More

Larry King (@KingsThings) Host Interview With @Wale. They Talk Gay Rappers And Industry Sh!t

Wale was recently invited by Larry King to be a guest on Larry King Live, but the interview was a very different Wale if compared to those he gives urban media.  Among things that were discussed within the industry, Larry brought up the topic of  Gay Rappers.  I believe Hip-Hop culture is the only culture embracing artist who label themselves gay, but it’s always curious how “Hip-Hop” and the “Gay” lifestyle somehow... Read More

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