Congrats @KanyeWest! #TLOP Becomes The First Music Streaming Album To Go Platinum

TLOP Kanye West Artwork Yeezy taught us once again… Read More  Read More

#Pablo Stores Scheduled To Open Around The World The Weekend According To @KanyeWest X @Adidas

Kanye West & Adidas set to sell a sh*t load of The Life Of Pablo apparel this weekend Read More  Read More

#TLOP Gains 250M Streams on #Tidal Plus 1 Million Added Subscribers

Huge things for the owners and co-owners of Tidal. Not only did the company itself, Tidal turn one year old this week but also Kanye West single handedly brought in over a million paid subscribers and a multi-platinum album by streaming alone. The G.O.O.D Music CEO upon release decided to never again release another CD in his life, which meant all his time and energy would be focused on gaining subscribers, and streaming the TLOP album solely on... Read More

#Yeezy Promises 3 Albums This Year On #Tidal Music Streaming Service

Aside from the Twitter rants and creative tantrums, Ye is looking to continue to change the industry. Just not by sound but Ye really doesn’t want to release another CD copy of his music ever again. Ye also announced that he will be releasing 3 albums a year (hopefully this year) and despite never releasing a CD copy again, he’s got TIDAL music streaming services at his availability. While Kanye West has literally doubled subscribers... Read More

#Yeezy Wants To Name His Next Album After This Game Console @KanyeWest

A few days ago, Ye mentioned that he will surprise us some time over the summer with a new release, but what Ye also happened to mentioned that is for now, the next musical project will be named after a 1989, game console. My next album is titled   “Turbo Grafx 16”   as of now… — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 27, 2016 Kanye recently returned to Twitter to reveal the name of the upcoming LP, which for now is set as “Turbo... Read More

#Yeezy Drops Visuals To #AllDay After Releasing It One Year Ago + #IFeelLikeThat Single

Kanye has had one hellva week. Not only did he release his album “The Life of Pablo” for streaming only an idea which weighs heavily on the shoulders of his critics but also a first release of a picture of his second child with Kim, Saint West. In an unexpected release, Kanye debuts the promised visuals for the All Day single after almost one year of releasing the mp3 single, and another release titled “I Feel Like That”... Read More

#Yeezy Shuts Down The Internet For Copyright

Yeezy shit down the internet yesterday. He claimed rights to everything “Yeezy” on it.  Not happy with the recent roll of Youtube videos flooding the internet, including the video rolls used by bloggers, news sites, youtube stars (who were also invited by Yeezy for the MSG release) among many other servers that hosted anything “Ye” related in video was permanently scrubbed yesterday according to various complaints. Now that’s... Read More

@KanyeWest Has Set #TLOP On A Course For Platinum Status

So Yeezy got the old crew back together for another album debut. Not without the usual, retractions, do overs and reschedules. But this time around Ye has an opportunity to be the first for something else.  Like other artist who have debut their projects specifically on (Jay Z’s) Tidal streaming software days before the physical & mp3 release of the works, the former G.O.O.D Music ceo releases his TLOP for exclusive streaming a week before... Read More

@KanyeWest Summons His Inner #Picasso In #TLOP (Is Ye, Pablo?)

Maybe one of the biggest events of Fashion Week is the release of Yeezy’s 3 Season from Adidas. Shutting down Madison Square Gardens, not for a solo performance but for an art performance of fashion and music releases. The naming of the track comes last minute as Ye changes the title for something like a forth time. This time Ye embraces his inner Picasso, for the release of his relisted, tracklisting titled “The Life Of Pablo”... Read More

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