#DoSomething Honors #Beyonce And @iJesseWilliams Star-Power Used For Social Change

Beyonce PTI Honoring some of the culture’s most influential entertainers for the charitable use of their star power. Read More  Read More

#Sleep Painter Who Inspired @KanyeWest #Famous Music Video Sends Praises

The painter who gave Kanye West his inspiration for the music video if you have not yet been informed is, Vincent Desiderio.  Vincent is responsible for the painting titled “Sleep”.  The painting  portrays much like Kanye final scene people sleeping all together in the same bed. “It was very cryptic, and quite mysterious. I received a phone call and I was told that Kanye was an enormous fan of my work, and he would like to... Read More

@KanyeWest Earns @Time Magazine Global Title As A #Titan

Rapper/producer/fashion designer and renowned civil activist, Kanye West has been chosen as one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People on the globe. The Chicago native joined Time’s Titan’s such as Bradley Cooper, Kevin Hart, Taylor Swift, Lee Daniels, President Barack Obama, and present wife Kim Kardashian as one of the most influential people on the globe. Time also conducted a video interview with Kanye. The “All Day”... Read More

#JayZ Set To Re-Write The Blueprint With @TIDALHiFi Music Streaming Service

Jay Z is the business mane! So it looks like when Jay headline technology blogs across the globe he’s not only about to make history but scheduled to make LOTS of money! As other reports roll in that music streaming services have overtaken CD sales according to the RIAA, streaming services accounted for $1.87 billion in revenue, while CDs represented $1.85 billion, Jay is about to launch his own service starring TIDAL. The $56 million acquisition... Read More

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