7-Things To Look Forward To This Year That Matter, Besides #Trump Idiocracy

N/A There are things that don’t matter, but this is everything we’re looking forward to this year… Read More  Read More

What Happened To #GucciMane Twitter And Instagram Pages?

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find Gucci Mane’s social media. Due to overwhelming tweets we’ve noticed that for the past few hours both Gucci’s Twitter & Instagram pages have been deleted. Not sure if there was a report on the page or if Gucci ordered the hit, to delete pages. In other news this shit got Gucc in so much trouble, maybe its best for now. Beyond the antics on social media and hacks, Gucci did... Read More

#RelationshipGoals For the Social Media Enthusiast

The last time I got into an argument over social media was with my then significant other. Apparently her entire argument was based on me, not acknowledging her, through any of my social media outlets. Which turned out to be a #FACT! Here’s my proposed argument. I believed, that it was a responsibility of mine to keep our relationship private. That way, it lessened the amount of people who were involved in what we did and our privacy enabled us... Read More

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