Samsung Preppin A Debut With Their New #S8 And #S8Edge Release Later This Month

Samsung S8 Edge Samsung bring new features to smartphone devices ahead of Apple.. Read More  Read More

Hit Me On Duo! #GoogleDuo Should Come Stock On All #Samsung Smart Devices

In Samsung next OS update, Google Duo should come as a stock app. Read More  Read More

Things Other Blogs Failed To Mention About The @SamsungMobile #Note7 Device Release

The iPhone killer, might just be this phone? Read More  Read More

#Microsoft Rivail #iPhone #3D With #PreTouch Sensing For Better Mobile Interaction

Most of our interactions with smartphones involve the touching it, so the latest trend to be sweeping the tech giant, Microsoft will allow a lot more interactivity and fluidity when using your next smartphone. While manufacturers are spending overtime hours coming up with technologies that impresses consumers over Samsung & Apple, Apple being their main rival with their latest release of the “3D Touch” with the release of the iPhone... Read More

#Samsung Ready To Debut #Galaxy 7 Series And Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung is ready to hit you with the “Next Big Galaxy” and has already launched previews on Youtube and retails like BestBuy of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone’s. The devices look really impressive and takes on a more handy design along with curves on the back and front according to the Youtube release. The S7 Edge has received a liberally remodeling along with a 5.5-inch display and been refined even further with a slight... Read More

@Rihanna #Anti Tours W @TravisScott @TheWeeknd @BigSean And #Samsung

Rihanna has been stirring up a lot of excitement about one of her most highly anticipated projects currently titled “Anti”. With the release of the album’s artwork last month, an official release date has been announced for later this week. Numerous commercials along with a video intro release last night, the pressure is on for Rihanna and Anti is on!  However, fans might have to prepare earlier than expected to purchase Rihanna... Read More

@Rihanna X @Samsung Preppin A $25M Tour With The #Anti Album?

According to various reports, Rihanna has or is in the works of securing a $25M’s deal with the South Korean electronics giant, Samsung. The estimated sponsorship is worth, $25 million which will go towards Rihanna’s upcoming “ANTI” album and tour where I’m sure the tech giant will launch a few surprises for Rihanna’s global fanbase while they accompany the pop-artist on tour. Rihanna, known for hit songs such... Read More

@Samsung Brings Overall Upgrade To The #GalaxyS6 Devices Including Adding @Blackberry Security Solutions

Apparently the plan for Samsung Galaxy S series was the “reboot” the S5 with the release of S6 while releasing its twin S6 Edge.  Not only is the deviced schedule to come with a rebranded design itself but also an upgraded security system unlike no other Android device on the planet. With the recent announcement of Blackberry x Samsung partnership, Samsung will be releasing its S6 & S6 Edge editions with Samsung KNOX security while... Read More

#JayZ Responds To @FunkFlex Over App Diss. Buys A Music Streaming Service For $56 Million

Something that all started over an email snowballed into Jay Z now owning a music streaming service.  Some might refer to the news as a “business” move but I think this is not only a business move but also a “response” to Funkflex’s recent Jay Z rant. About two weeks ago Hot 97, Dj Funkflex opened up about two specific things that led to his on air rant. One being the paranoia that his previous interview about his... Read More

What Can $7.5 Billion Buy? #Samsung Rumored To Have Offered #Blackberry A Buyout

What is Samsung thinking? Over the week numerous reports have been suggesting that the Android Mobile giant is pending a buyout from their present partnership with Blackberry for close to $7.5 Billion all in! Back to Blackberry and Samsung.  There is no other mobile company in the world that has such a secure network like Blackberry, not even Apple. Yes I said that. Apple did get hacked, Android is an open platform operating system, but not Blackberry.... Read More

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