7-Things To Look Forward To This Year That Matter, Besides #Trump Idiocracy

N/A There are things that don’t matter, but this is everything we’re looking forward to this year… Read More  Read More

Coach #TomCoughlin Stepped Down 22-Hours After @Giants Loss

Not merely an entire day was up before who NFLer’s know as Coach Coughlin meets and announces his departure from the New York Giants, NFL team. After meeting with ownership after their Sunday loss against the Eagles, that Monday afternoon gave Coughlin the opportunity to chose the dignified exit strategy instead of being forced out after three consecutive losing seasons. Currently leaving the team with two championships in his career with... Read More

@NFL Announces First @NFLPA Jersey Friday Benefits @GotYourSix

The NFL, just came up with a new day, and maybe it catches on, maybe it doesn’t. The newly named NFL organization launched the “NFLPA” as part of the “Jersey Friday” which encourages workplaces and schools nationwide to allow employees and students to wear their favorite player’s jersey coming November 6th in exchange for a recommended $6 donation to Got Your 6. In a statement made, posted on the NFLPA website, NYG... Read More

Is #ReggieWayne Ending His @NFL Career With A 1-Year Contract To #Patriots

The free-agent, six-time Pro Bowl pass-catcher will be taking his talents to the New England Patriots. Last night they reported that The Colts 14-year veteran flew to NE for a physical but it seems today that all signs point to Reggie Wayne being signed to the Patriots for a likely 1-year deal.  I’m sure they hope that the 779-yards catcher will be able to assist Patriots in regaining the title as, Colts refused to re-sign the free agent... Read More

Quick Takes: @CarolinaPanthers

Last weekend at a cookout (Yes. I said cookout, not a BBQ), I saw an interesting quote on the wall of a friend’s garage: “There are four seasons- summer, winter, spring and football.” If you’re reading this, I’m pretty confident you agree with this as much as I do. Well, the wait is almost over for football fans around the country. The Panthers report to camp Thursday and training camp starts Friday at Wofford College... Read More

New York @Giants Prep A 2015 Team For A Possible #Superbowl50? #NYGiants #NYG Schedule Inside

While the Superbowl 49 champs, Patriots are under heavy investigation for allegedly tampering with official game “footballs”, finding camera evidence of the person they also know as the “the deflator”, the Giants recoup their team for another season under the coaching of Tom Coughlin. Signing 2 draft picks while they terminated the contracts of receiver Kevin Ogletree and linebacker Terrell Manning, the team went on to... Read More

Join Our Sports Conversation As A Fan, Contributor (Writer) or Feel Free To Share Our Updates And Articles

We’re launching a very new section as part of our lifestyle expansion.  YUP! we’ve just  added a much needed “SPORTS” category for you and we really do hope we can help you stay up to date with NBA, NCAA, Tennis, Golf, NFL, MLB & Track and Field Sports and other sports related content. Our comment box is equipped with a Twitter, Google, & Facebook sign-in for you ease. We’re also inviting (Writers) Contributors... Read More

January 18th Sets The Stage For February 1st 2015 #SuperbowlXLIX

While the Pats respond to a “subbing deception” rumors and Seahawks preps their QB, Russell Wilson for a contract extension which will enable the QB to become the highest paid QB in the history of the NFL, since his draft in 2012. The organization intends to renew Wilson’s contract before the season ends as ESPN has reported. The match up continues with a snap shot from nfl.com the playoffs will look like this before the “Rose... Read More

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