@Drake Still Doesnt Know WHat #MeekMill Beef Was About But Opens Up About It Anyway

N/A Drake opens up about beef in detail… Read More  Read More

Billboard Music Awards 2016 List Of Winners #BBMAs

While Luda and the controversial Ciara, host the recent Billboard Music Awards 2016, there were some big winners. Including, Drake, Adele, Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Swift and Meek. Yup, Meek Mill for Best rap album. There were some complaints about how boring the performances were hence my Twitter timeline but none-the-less it all came to an end when Madonna botched the Prince tribute. You can disagree but seriously…  most of all... Read More

@Drake Debuts #SummerSixteen An Hour Before @MeekMill #44 Ep Release

  AHHHH Sh*t. Didn’t just drop a first single from his upcoming rumored to be release in April, “Views From The 6” album but he also dropped another diss record aimed at Meek & President Obama.  Ok the President Obama diss was maybe a one liners, but he knows better, but them Meek bars boyyyy? Drake doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  While you think it might be a fluke Drake decided to drop his Apple release on a... Read More

@MeekMill Proposes A Challenge Worth $50K To @50Cent

Meek been on and off with this issue, but he also just spent $50K on the good people of Flint, Michigan and their on going situation of current lead poisoning in the city’s water supply. If you haven’t been aware Meek’s money will go towards helping them get some type of supply until the things get better the city’s water issues. For that we salute MEEK. But in an attempt to sway fans away from his current feud with 50 Cent,... Read More

@MeekMill And @50Cent Trade Disses During The #NFLPlayoffs #50VsMeek

With the release of Dreamchaser 4 #DC4 release didn’t only come a 4 track EP but a lot of Instagram dissing between MMG rival 50 Cent and Meek. Apparently on the track not only did Meek diss 50 Cent but also Drake. While Drake sits back with a few W’s against the MMG music artist, 50 steps up through IG with a load of post. On track number-3 on the DC4 Ep release, Meek seems to dedicate an entire verse to 50. 50 held no punches back.... Read More

@MeekMill Last Diss To @Drake Might Cost Him A Day In Court #Dreamchaser4

Apparently all ain’t gravy with Meek Mill & Drake.  A Leaked version of a record rumored to appear on Meek’s “Dreamchaser 4” upcoming mxtape has a few words for the “Hotline Bling” singer/rapper. Now do I have to remind you that Meek on the record told the judge that “he’s no gangsta”, he’s just in music for the “art” of it, well it didn’t sound like that when the... Read More

#BackToBack Got The 57th Annual #Grammy Awards Treatment? S/O To @Drake

Among all the nominations that came in today for the upcoming 57th Annual Grammy Awards, scheduled to debut on 2016 January, both Drake and Kendrick Lamar got the looks of a lifetime. Not only did Kendrick nominated but he was nominated in 11 categories for the album TPAB. On the other hand Drake was nominated for his diss record “Back To Back” which not only anded him on Billboard charts but also it was intentionally recorded as a... Read More

@TIDALHiFi Streaming Service Celebrates 1-Million Subscribers W/ Charity Event

Jay Z announced some huge news on Twitter, one that certainly surpassed the Tidal trolls. In a Tweet today Jay announced along with performers Beyonce, The Weeknd, Future, J. Cole, Meek Mill and I’m assuming several high-profile artists owners such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, and Usher will join them in celebrating their 1-Million subscribers to the HiFi Music Streaming service on Tidal. So along... Read More

@MeekMill on #MeekMill: Meek Mill Dont Regret Nothing

The Dreamchaser CEO has had a bitter sweet year thus far. With the release of one of the most anticipated albums to his feud with Drake and a possible Future ongoing situation. Besides that he’s been dating the Rap/Pop Star, Nicki Minaj which in all honesty is a WIN, regardless of what situation in gets into. They both had the opportunity to be featured as a power couple on GQ’s next magazine release. In a photo/homevideo-ish photoshoot... Read More

@Drake Got NO CHILL. Goes In On @MeekMill During #OVOFest Concert

According to Twitter, the OVO Suunds front man, Drake has been winning all week especially tonight. Drake is on his worst behavior tonight! Twitter is lit with Drake videos and memes as the rapstar, took the stage at OVO Fest, and featured one time friend and rap-mate, Meek Mill on a slew of memes and videos while performing “Charged Up” the Meek Mill Diss. Seems like Drake did everything by the book, according to 50 Cent, Nas, &... Read More

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