@SkipMarley Makes His Musical Debut With #CalmDown Single

Skip Marley Calm Down Music Video “We need to put our weapons down… war is just a waste of me and you” Read More  Read More

Still Able To Be A Part Of Music History W/ @OfficialTLC . A New Generation Is Going To Enjoy What Most Of Us Did

Not only did the group responsible for some of the biggest r&b hits met their goal of $150K but surpassed it thus far by $100K more by fans and celebrities alike. The group will be resurrecting their classic sound, vowed to stay true to their brand and speak about topics that affect today’s culture. Hopefully they will also resurrect some classic vocals from the Left Eye Lopez (Rest in peace) to share with not only their fans but a new... Read More

Seriously Though @MissyElliott Saves @KatyPerry #SB49 Halftime Show

What would of been the “Superbowl” halftime show without Missy Elliot? For a generation of youth who had no idea who the legendary Hiphoppa was not only did she get the opportunity to “save” the halftime performance with Katy Perry, but data suggest that Missy’s music saw an amazing spike on Spotify, the music streaming service by 676% last night! You must be crazy if you’re not a fan of “Get Your Freak... Read More

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