#Google Announces Plans To Take Over The World. Starting With The #iPhone Through #GoogleAssistant And #GooglePhoto

Google Assistant It’s Google & the brain… Read More  Read More

#CES2017 Rumored #iPhone8 Leaks Hit The Net. Hyped To Be The Biggest Announcement From #Apple

N/A Apple looking to change the game 7 years later, after dropping the legendary iPhone 4. Read More  Read More

No Regrets Updating To #IOS102 For Their New #Emojis And Screen Effects

Apple IOS 10.2 Skipped IOS 10.1 update for the 10.2 update and I have no regrets.. Read More  Read More

More Emojis Coming To #iPhone W/ #IOS102 Update

Apple iOS 10.2 Update bringing more diversity for it’s growing user base among other things Read More  Read More

The ONE Best Thing From #IOS10 Update Is Its New Texting Features

iPhone users went insane with the latest release of IOS Read More  Read More

#Microsoft Rivail #iPhone #3D With #PreTouch Sensing For Better Mobile Interaction

Most of our interactions with smartphones involve the touching it, so the latest trend to be sweeping the tech giant, Microsoft will allow a lot more interactivity and fluidity when using your next smartphone. While manufacturers are spending overtime hours coming up with technologies that impresses consumers over Samsung & Apple, Apple being their main rival with their latest release of the “3D Touch” with the release of the iPhone... Read More

#Casio X #AndroidWear Gives You The Smart Outdoor #SmartWatch

While Casio is known for both it’s rugged and classic styles, (aside from CAT Rugged Smartphones) the international brand has taken a different approach with its introduction to smartwatches. The smartwatch, priced at $500 “Smart Outdoor Watch” running on Android Wear has been tuned to  run on both Android & IOS devices.  The smartwatch ventures where most companies has longed ignored. Although it’s far from perfect, the... Read More

This New #iPhone Rumor Is Really, Hmmmm

The latest rumor trolling the internet is from iPhone. Not only is the rumor a bit disheartening but it can also be a pro for the iPhone brand. Since scaling up to compete with Samsung larger smartphones, the iPhone have been reportedly rumored to be scaling down with a new model iPhone “5 SE”. The 5 SE model continues to spread rumors that the newest model scheduled for a possible March release will go back to the length and width... Read More

@Facebook Launches #Notify. Another #App That Sends You Notifications

Last week, the tech mogul, Facebook announced the launch of Notify. Notify is a new iOS app centered toward pinging your smartphone with more notifications. You can set the app to ping for news and other topics to users. Although the feature of the app is to notify you, Facebook bills the app to ping about “notifications that matter,” supposedly. The... Read More

Reports Claim The #iPhone #TouchID Can Be Easily Hacked Into With A Picture Of Your Thumb Instead

While you think all hackers are evil, I think most of them deserve jobs with Apple and Google.  Apparently reports surfaced via Youtube that the iPhone 6’s fingerprint sensor better known to us as the “Touch ID” can be easily hacked into, by scanning a picture of your finger which can then be used to mold and be used on the device. We all know how easy it is to grab fingerprints via the detective movies, but is this something... Read More

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