#CES2017 Rumored #iPhone8 Leaks Hit The Net. Hyped To Be The Biggest Announcement From #Apple

N/A Apple looking to change the game 7 years later, after dropping the legendary iPhone 4. Read More  Read More

The ONE Best Thing From #IOS10 Update Is Its New Texting Features

iPhone users went insane with the latest release of IOS Read More  Read More

#Apple Event Scheduled For September 7th. Truth About The #iPhone7 Revealed

Apple users need to save this date! Read More  Read More

#iPhone7 Rumors Begin W/ Image Leaks And Likely Upgrades

It’s about that time of the year again when Apple is looking to wow you with another release of one of the most anticipated smartphones to date, the iPhone.  The iPhone 7 model announcement is due in September for a huge October release. Well as I’ve been researching and monitoring the Twitter chatter it seems like iPhone will surprise most (according to rumors) iPhone users mostly.  Not really Android users as much of the updates... Read More

#Apple Rumored To Be Killing The Headphone Jack For A Wireless Feature

We all knew it was about to go down at some point or the other, well, it’s about to go down.  Apple has been rumored to be killing off the all appreciated headphone jack, and replace the feature with a wireless feature. I guess owning Beats By Dre definitely opens up the ability to do so, while Dre already features a bluetooth headphone to his line. iPhone 7 will like many other iPhone owners be forced to use either wireless headphones... Read More

Are The #iPhone7 Rumors True? You Should Hope So

A few rumors have been started about the possibilities that might have yet to come when Apple releases the rumored iPhone 7 either later this year for Christmas or into the new year like they usually do.  Well three top rumors that have been circulating one is a completely waterproof phone, which is rumored to be the 6S, a new metal body, and a completely flat screen. A completely waterproof iPhone: Japanese blog Mac Otakara claims that early... Read More

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