#CES2017 Rumored #iPhone8 Leaks Hit The Net. Hyped To Be The Biggest Announcement From #Apple

N/A Apple looking to change the game 7 years later, after dropping the legendary iPhone 4. Read More  Read More

Is #Apple #iPhoneSE Worth The Time? Experts Debate Inside

In a couple of months closer to Thanksgiving, Apple should be announcing a possible iPhone 7, so why would you cop the iPhone SE release? Well for starters it’s a smaller, and although its the size of the iPhone 5S, the small punch comes operating like the iPhone 6 aside from the smaller almost half prized phone labeled at $399.99. • The new iPhone SE has a smaller, 4-inch screen. • Pricing starts at $399 for the 16 GB model. • It’s... Read More

#Apple Rumored To Be Killing The Headphone Jack For A Wireless Feature

We all knew it was about to go down at some point or the other, well, it’s about to go down.  Apple has been rumored to be killing off the all appreciated headphone jack, and replace the feature with a wireless feature. I guess owning Beats By Dre definitely opens up the ability to do so, while Dre already features a bluetooth headphone to his line. iPhone 7 will like many other iPhone owners be forced to use either wireless headphones... Read More

Reports Claim The #iPhone #TouchID Can Be Easily Hacked Into With A Picture Of Your Thumb Instead

While you think all hackers are evil, I think most of them deserve jobs with Apple and Google.  Apparently reports surfaced via Youtube that the iPhone 6’s fingerprint sensor better known to us as the “Touch ID” can be easily hacked into, by scanning a picture of your finger which can then be used to mold and be used on the device. We all know how easy it is to grab fingerprints via the detective movies, but is this something... Read More

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