No Regrets Updating To #IOS102 For Their New #Emojis And Screen Effects

Apple IOS 10.2 Skipped IOS 10.1 update for the 10.2 update and I have no regrets.. Read More  Read More

More Emojis Coming To #iPhone W/ #IOS102 Update

Apple iOS 10.2 Update bringing more diversity for it’s growing user base among other things Read More  Read More

The ONE Best Thing From #IOS10 Update Is Its New Texting Features

iPhone users went insane with the latest release of IOS Read More  Read More

@FettyWap Releases His Own Brown Boy #Emoji For His #IOS Fans

Following his Christmas giving, amongst the Remy Boyz squad, Fetty joins Kim-K and releases his own emoji debut currently on IOS. The emojis come with his 300 management signature and missing eye trademark. Wap is has also debut his own line of Christmas sweaters amongst other things. [FinalTilesGallery id=’19’] Since the “My Way” breakout into mainstream Fetty Wap has made a considerable fanbase with his female fans and... Read More

This Sure Isnt The “Dislike” Button We Were Hoping For From @Facebook

Although Facebook, recalled their announcement or I should say rumored “Dislike” button they were possibly working, We’ll there’s no “thumbs-down” option anymore, but at least there’s an “angry” face to work work with? I guess. Yesterday evening Facebook announced the “rollout” of their new “Reactions” button, which will replace the rumored “dislike” button”.... Read More

This #AntiDrug Campaign Speaks In #Emojis #WeGotYou

  The iconic partnership which brought you “Your Brain on Drugs” campaign, reup for an updated campaign in the tech world. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, formerly the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, released their #WeGotYou campaign. It’s the Partnership’s first campaign for Above the Influence since it inherited the initiative from the Office of National Drug Control Policy in March 2014. Can you read the... Read More

#Apple Preps #Ethnic Release of #Emoji. But No Release Date Yet

For awhile Apple has been taking some heat for their stock emoji being mostly just direct for the use of a very small ethnic population. Will according to Yahoo there are hopes that something is going to change with that. As a global effort continued to influence Apple, Yahoo released today some previews of what Apple has in store for the next IOS update of their devices globally. With the beta release of iOS 8.3, currently available only to software... Read More

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