#RickRoss Uses #IdolsBecomeRivals To #DoItForTheCulture Addresses #CashMoney (Lyrics Inside)

Credit Unknown Closer look at the lyrics Ross just used to put Birdman and Lil Wayne in the spotlight… Read More  Read More

#YMCMB Reunited In 2016

Within the first hour of the year, Drake released one of many pictures, I’m sure we’ll see, of YMCMB reunited.  While the public squabble took unpredicted turned, the crew love included Baby, Lil Wayne and Drake who were many times reported to be suing the hell outta each other during the 2015 year, is back for 2016 run. The threesome seemed to have brought the new year in alongside various YMCMB friends and associates. I guess f**k... Read More

@KaylaBriannax Confirming #RichGang Signing? + #Honest Mp3 Release

Kayla Brianna (yes the daughter of former NBA player & commentator, Kenny Smith) is confirming her signing to Birdman’s, Rich Gang label on Twitter. Other than TMZ “sports” release that it may be just a rumor it doesn’t look like that. In other news the release of her debut mp3 “Honest” is out and seems to be doing well on radio thus far or maybe it’s thanks to her new home over at RG. Who knows check... Read More

@RichHomieQuan Says @Drake One Of The Best, One Of My Idols In Interview

After partnering with Rich Gang (Young Thug & Birdman) the 25 Year old music artist is looking to venture out on his upcoming solo project.  Taking a few steps back the talented Rich Homie Quan is looking to reclaim his solo projects starting with his native city of Atlanta. During the interview Rich Homie Quan, opens about his favorite hometown music artist who also happens to be legendary in both Atlanta and Internationally. “OutKast is... Read More

@50Cent Advises The Public To Not Get In Between The @LilTunechi x @BIRDMAN5STAR Feud

When I first saw the post on this they made 50 Cent’s advise out to be a really vicious warning. But it’s incredibly not! In the interview 50 Cent was led by a series of question as all interviews go which then was asked about his thoughts between the current situation between Wayne and Birdman of Cash Money Billionaires. “I think it’ll work itself out,” he added. “I hate when personal things become public, because everyone... Read More

#LilWayne Trying To Split #YoungMoney Roaster From #CashMoneyBillionaires Puts $51 Million On It. (#INeedAnswers)

As the blogosphere turns gossip into breaking news I still have a few unanswered questions about this Young Money vs Cash money Billionaires beef. I’m not yet fully convinced that the beef is real and even though Wayne has filed a supposed “leak” lawsuit against the parent company “Cash Money Billionaires” and its owners Baby & Slim for $51 Million, I still need answered. I’m still wondering if this is not... Read More

@CortezBryant Vents On Behalf Of @LilTunechi While Wayne Focuses On #SorryForTheWait2 Mixtape And Leaving #CMB

I’m beginning to wonder if this is a marketing scheme. It seems slowly everyone is becoming a part of the “Leaving CMB bandwagon” when it was only a few weeks ago “Everything was good” comments were being tossed around while Birdman’s silence says it all? After first saying “everything is good” at YMCMB and “we’re staying where we’re at” back in December via TMZ, Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant... Read More

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