Make Your Collaborative Efforts Stronger By Doing This #Art #Fashion #Education #Tech

In the 1989 film, Field Of Dreams, the character Joe, glances towards home plate, and says “If you build it, he will come” which is often our reason to damn there do anything we choose. Read More  Read More

#Apple Rumored To Be Killing The Headphone Jack For A Wireless Feature

We all knew it was about to go down at some point or the other, well, it’s about to go down.  Apple has been rumored to be killing off the all appreciated headphone jack, and replace the feature with a wireless feature. I guess owning Beats By Dre definitely opens up the ability to do so, while Dre already features a bluetooth headphone to his line. iPhone 7 will like many other iPhone owners be forced to use either wireless headphones... Read More

5 #Stock Options Less Expensive Than A Pair Of #BeatsByDre Headphones

Why own the product when you can own the company? Read More  Read More

@DrDre Says @KendrickLamar #TPAB Album Inspired Him To Get Back Into The Studio (Full Interview w/ @BigBoy)

Dr. Dre is doing his rounds of tour stopping by Big Boy and Real 92.3 is only the tip of the ice berg. Wait till he hits Breakfast Club at Power 105,1 lol. With the “Straight Outta Compton” movie on the verge of release, Dre is doing his nationwide tour to promote the major film. During his first stop with Big Boy, Dr. Dre shares some light on NWA, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Beats By Dre, possible Detox album release and a few... Read More

@FettyWap Talsk About The Story Behind #TrapQueen w/ @BeatsByDre @SXSW

NJ on the COME UP! Music artist Fetty Wap has been making waves with his recent indie release of “Trep Queen”. The record also vying to be 2015 Summer Hit release reaching almost 25 million hits on his Youtube page. Receiving the stamp of approval from Kanye West and Rihanna, Brian Mansfield of the USA TODAY pointed out that Kanye who called Trap Queen his “favorite song at the moment” as well as welcomed the NJ artist... Read More

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