7-Things To Look Forward To This Year That Matter, Besides #Trump Idiocracy

N/A There are things that don’t matter, but this is everything we’re looking forward to this year… Read More  Read More

@Pat_Field Recycle #BlackFace Cartoon Art At #NYFW Because Art Is An Excuse For Anything @made

Recycle racism used as art in Patricia Fields latest release Read More  Read More

Make Your Collaborative Efforts Stronger By Doing This #Art #Fashion #Education #Tech

In the 1989 film, Field Of Dreams, the character Joe, glances towards home plate, and says “If you build it, he will come” which is often our reason to damn there do anything we choose. Read More  Read More

Making Your Mark This Year (Don’t Take Sh*t From Anyone)

Picture Cred: Thumbprint Print – Cheryl Song I have yet heard of anyone getting an advance check from Instagram or Twitter for their accomplishment in receiving a significant amount of LIKES on their post. Read More  Read More

Interview With @OBEYGIANT (#ShepardFairey) On The Debut Of #YourEyesHere Art Exhibit

The exhibition which made its debut on On Friday, June 26th at the CAC Málaga Museum, host to the artist’s 25-year career, of the Obey Giant, Shepared Fairey.  The works which will be included in the featured exhibit will be paintings, screen prints, stencils, stickers, rubylith illustrations, collages, photographs, sculpture, and works on wood, metal, and canvas.”  The debut was released today in Málaga, Spain and was titled “Your... Read More

@ChrisBrown Artwork Fetching up to $60K During Auction With Street Artist @Kaiaspireart

Breezy took another step into the art world over the weekend as his artwork collabo with artist Kai and Konfuzed made headlines during an auction fetching about $60 K in total. According to Page Six The singer/artist Chris Brown collaboration alongside the street artist Kai and Konfuzed  made a debut during Fine Art Auctions Miami’s Urban Art Week.  The pair worked on a total of seven art pieces together that also included a painted vintage... Read More

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