#DoSomething Honors #Beyonce And @iJesseWilliams Star-Power Used For Social Change

Honoring some of the culture’s most influential entertainers for the charitable use of their star power.

@BIGBABYDRAM And @Peta Wants You To Eat Your Veggies #Broccoli Included

Cleverly bringing new meaning to “greenery” with PETA.

#LebronJames Starring In SLs Sportsperson of the Year Comes With Huge Goals #CAVS #LEBRON

Lebron sets statements on statements with his 26th cover with Sports Illustrated Magazine

#DjKhaled Debuts His #TheKeys Hardcover And Kindle eBook Via #Amazon

Khaled covers the topics of “Stay away from They” & “Don’t ever play yourself” in his new book..

NYC Students Surprised By #Pharrell Visit While Singing His #HiddenFigures

Pharrell gives NYC students inspiration with a special visit yesterday…

@DJKhaled Becomes (#RED) First Ever Social-Media Ambassador

The ‘SNAPATHON’ will turn his legendary Snapchat musings into a force to fight AIDS.

#UsainBolt Debuts #IAmBolt Documentary With An Inside Look Into His Racing Life

9-Time Olympic gold medalist debuts an inside look into his racing life..

#LeBronJames Puts Up $2.5-Million Of His Own Money Towards The #MuhammadAli Exhibit

Lebron the real MVP for this..

Did #DaveChapelle Do Justice To The Elections During His #SNL Bit?

Did the legendary comedian do justice to the moment..?

#KanyeWest Confirms His Run As 2020 Presidency Candidate

We accept his bid as the 2020 Presidency Candidate

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