#DaveChappelle On Mumble Rap – I Like To Be Able To Say The Lyrics Too

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The Breakfast Club

Dave PC with his answers though..

Dave has grown to understand that he got to be PC with his answers on rap & social situations among other things since we do live in an era of sound bites and memes.


While Dave is setting up for his Radio City debut which has recently announce Chance The Rapper as a guest performer amongst Erika Badu and The Roots, Dave has come from a long tradition of musical talents via his Comedy Central series Chappelle’s Show featured guest appearances by Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Q-Tip, Ice-T, Big Boi, DMX, Lil Jon, and more.


Stopping by to promo his residency at Radio City, Dave was asked to reveal some of his personal ideas and likes about the popular trending term used to describe rap acts who some people can’t understand as “Mumble Rap”.


Dave being PC as usual,


“I appreciate it. I party to it. If I go out and they’re playing Migos, I’ll listen to that,” expressed Chappelle. “But a favorite mumble rapper? I don’t know about all that. I like to be able to say the lyrics too.”


Check out the entire interview below with the Breakfast Club..




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