Dancehall Superstar Artist @DemarcoDaDon Signs Label Deal With @Akon Post #NoWahala Video Shoot

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Demarco Ft Akon No Whala


New life for Demarco…

While the Dancehall superstar Demarco is preppin the release of his next international single, No Wahala he linked up with the super producer, Akon for the potential hit single. Not only did the Jamaican native get the feature but he was excited to announce a (3 album) deal with Akon’s recording label KonLive, and management by Akon’s wife.

According to the Jamaican-Star media outlet Akon released a statement with high compliments and future goals with working with the Dancehall veteran..

“I am excited to add Demarco to the KonLive family,” Akon said. “He is a serious artiste with a proven track record and an electrifying stage presence. He is the complete package international music artiste, musician, producer, songwriter, and actor and the best entertainer from Jamaica. Demarco is already known globally and KonLive will take him to the ultimate level.”


With the reply fro Demarco expressing nothing but gratitude about the opportunity and what it will mean for his career.


“I am honoured to be on the prestigious KonLive label. For 10 years, I have worked hard to get the attention of my idol Akon,” he said in a release sent to¬†THE WEEKEND STAR.


To celebrate the venture, Akon and Demarco will be releasing a music video titled “No Wahala” very soon…




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