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BeyGood back…



Bey ain’t have those Twins for a good month and she back with Unicef working on another master plan. This time the BeyGood organization aside from her already announced scholar program with 4 Universities, Beyonce has partnered up with UNICEF and their goal is to create a better way for the 2.2 Million people of Burundi to gain access to clean water. 




The facts of Burundi are the country is a young country, while 52% of the population are children under the age of 18. Of that population people spend almost 30 mins everyday bringing back water to their homes for daily use. It is a country with close ties to Congo a space where Beyonce has visited in her past. Because there are a lack of basic needs in the budding country the life expectancy is at an astounding 43-years of age. With a population of 10 Million people. Hospitals among other things lack the access to clean water. Children often miss school and risk their safety to gain access to water as well as access to proper sanitation and other health facilities as well as risking infection and diseases among infants and toddlers. All of the above is related to the basic access or lack of access to water. 


Donations among other money raised for the effort will bring relief through the follow by..

Funds donated help the children of Burundi:

  • $3.11: collapsible 68-ounce water container
  • $5.00: simple, sanitary hands-free tap
  • $5.73: bucket with tap
  • $81.51: safe drinking water kit for one family
  • $414.70: hand pump for well water
  • $753.83: water distribution kit with 6 taps
  • $1,430.06: water tank kit for 1,000 people





With your help, nearly half a million people will gain access to safe water, as #BEYGOOD4BURUNDI and UNICEF will support building water supply systems for healthcare facilities and schools, and the drilling of boreholes, wells and springs to bring safe water to districts.





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