@Sprint Announces #JayZ #444 Album Debut Post- #TodalSprint Deal

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Sprint Artwork of 4:44


Your guess was the best…



On the heels of the recent announcement of turning Tidal into a $650 M company, through a partnership with Sprint, and on the day of the birth of the couple’s twins (yup, Jay & Bey are reportedly parents a third time with the birth of twins last night) the global music entertainment platforms TIDAL , Sprint and Roc Nation were excited last night to share JAY-Z’s new album, curiously titled 4:44 at the end of the month.  This is sure to be a first in a series of exclusive offers between the communication and ent titans to the its 45 million postpaid and prepaid Sprint customers and existing TIDAL members Globally.



This gives Jay another leg up on the competition enabling the music artist who has also been the first rapper to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame over the weekend hence his recent tweets thanking various artist who has inspired him for the past number of years creatively. The partnership will put Jay instantly in the running for a platinum running once the album is debut at the end of this month.



To celebrate the weekend, and his recent acknowledgment of the Hall Of Fame, Jay kept good on his promise to begin work on Father’s Day holiday Jay Z linking up with Time magazine’s article on how he plans to take on the prison system and the bail industry which have been exploiting petty crime for centuries.

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