@JayElectronica Flips An Old Record Into #LetterToFalon MP3 Via @TidalHiFi

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KD got dibs on the latest release from Jay..


It began with @JayElectronica recalling meeting KD and his father, both who have insisted that Jay releases new music. I would post the Twitter links but Jay just deletes them again. 

Regardless of the fact inspired by KD’s performance in the first two games of the NBA Finals, Jay Electronica delivers on his promise to Kevin Durant and his dad to release new music early yesterday. While the track lives on Tidal music streaming services the track has been rumored to be an old rhymes updates and mixed on a new record. 


@JayElectronica Twitter


Delivered exclusively via TIDAL, Jay Electronica and on the 10th day of Ramadan Jay offers up the year “Letter To Falon,” which he co-produced with The Bullitts and Paul Epworth.



Wait, Theres MORE!  @TidalHiFi Host The Latest Release For #BossUp3 From @IAMSU


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