@TheRealSwizzz X @MonroeMartinIII Joins The Spoken Word Cast For #FosterMyEducation PSA #ChildrensRights

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#FosterMyEducation With Swizzbeats

Teaming up to share some info on foster children and education..

There are a few things we are still learning about the multi-music award artist and activist. Not only has Swizz been a part of the New York local art scene but he is also a Children’s Rights board member, with that being said the foundation takes the opportunity to shed some light on the importance of the month of May marking National Foster Care Awareness Month and Children’s Rights and Foster Club the highlights of awareness.

“Education in this country is a fundamental right for every child, but right now, we are turning our backs on our foster youth. We all need to do whatever we can to help make sure these kids’ voices are heard. They’re not someone else’s responsibility; they’re all of ours. Let’s foster their futures by really fostering their education,” said Swizz in a statement following the PSA.

Swizz along with comedian and Children Rights alum have teamed up with many others to release a special PSA to help educate and raise awareness to those who do not understand our country’s foster care system.

According to reports, there are 670,000 people who spend time in foster care every year, with fewer than 60 percent of teens graduating high school by the age of 19. Statistics also say that only four percent of foster alumni earn a college degree by the age of 26, while about 50 percent of foster care youth reportedly become incarcerated within the first two years of aging out of the system.

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