#Orioles Center-Fielder #AdamJones (@SimplyAJ10) Donates A $20K Gift To #NegroLeaguesBaseball Museum

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Adam Jones At Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

It sends a tremendous message to young, aspiring baseball players

– Museum President Bob Kendrick



Finding importance of supporting & celebrating the history rich history of our culture has been something that has been slowly finding its way to those who matter. While Minorities in the sports world also find their footing in the industry they have chosen, supporting the history of those who have paved the way is key.

Back in May 1st the center-fielder had a taste of racism early this month in Boston, during the game, but The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick said that they were planning to celebrate the previous announcement by Jones’ to the museum well before the incident, which has touched off a discussion on racism throughout the sports world. I hope the donation ignites not yet another discussion but an opportunity to expose such hateful cultures as fandoms.


“It sends a tremendous message to young, aspiring baseball players about how you should conduct yourself, and how important it is, as you grow in a sport, to grow as a man,” Kendrick said. “And to be able to give back to those less fortunate than yourself. Adam is a fine young man. “


Jones made his appearance at the museum at mid-day before Saturday’s Royals-Orioles night game.



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