Less Than A Week For @Netflix X @RealTracyMorgan #StayingAlive Stand Up Special

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Tracy Morgan - Staying Alive


They should call this Tracy Bounce Back…

Having the opportunity to have met the Father, Actor, Comedian an all round one of our favorite entertainers it’s no wonder why Netflix partnered up with the talents of Tracy to bring him back to the big stage where he is appreciated. The legendary figure has endured much too much since his accident 2014 which left his life in the balance between death and being physically challenged. But the fighter broke all odds and came through to bring you his latest installation of laughter.

While there were no news before the date, Tracy & Netflix announced today that they would be premiering what Tracy titled “Staying Alive” stand up comedy special on Netflix on May 16th. While there was no indication before hand not only do we have less than a week for the special but we have rather the enjoyment of spending the evening with on of the cultural’s most talented entertainers.

Check out the teaser for “Staying Alive” with Tracy and Netflix below…

Save the date. While there is no word on whether the debut is May 16th Eastern Time or Pacific Time, we’ll get to be able to enjoy the company of Tracy later that evening.

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