#Google Announces Plans To Take Over The World. Starting With The #iPhone Through #GoogleAssistant And #GooglePhoto

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Google Assistant

It’s Google & the brain…

Huge news coming out today from Google, as they also celebrate a user base of 2-Billion monthly Android users worldwide, while announcing updates and new tech innovation ideas to our world of devices, and yes the rumors circulating are somewhat holding more truth than myth. Google Assistant announced their destination to  exploring the tech take over through Apple’s popular iPhone devices.  Google I/O held their annual conference and announced that the company has plans of rolling and expanding their Google Assistant as a separate iOS app from Google search to specifically target daily task rather than casual web browsing.

While G. Assistant has at the moment is providing a superb tech on Android devices, the Assistant app which would be available separately from Google search will be able to operate exactly like it does on Android devices with a few more features not available on the Android app. Most likely to accompany the iPhone user taste.

Google has also announced the update to their existing feature on the Android device enabling a keyboard use feature within the Google Assistant app.  The added feature will be available on both Android and iPhone.

The other big news is the expansion of Google Photos. The app has announced updates and added features to recommend that you share photos you’ve taken with familiar faces already in your device, the features is called, Suggested Sharing. While Google improves group shares and family time, the app does offer a “timed” share feature which will allow photos and videos enabled for time limit. More digital back up features and an opportunity to create a printed physical lookbook of your photos for $9.99.

As is, Google’s VR ambitions are expanding beyond Daydream’s current form to incorporate a lot more virtual features.

Google has also announced another updated feature in direct competition with Apple’s Siri feature, allowing their improving Assistant app to now recognize images, faces among other things while your camera is pointed at it.

They announced other things but nothing that we should be worried about, new chips and new operating systems are always part of the deal while they did announce a possible smartphone device idea as they unfortunately struggle to get some type of traction within that industry.

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