@MackWilds Brings 6-Part Hip-Hop Musical To @TidalHifi Episode Debut

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After Hours via Tidal

Mack Wilds bringing a new feature to streaming..

While you think Mack Wilds has been gone since his debut feature, he has been working very hard behind the scenes. Not only did Mack bring the musical project titled “After-Hours” he also has recently teamed up with Tidal to bring a visual 6-part visual edit to the video side of his project. This makes Mack one of the hardest working man in Hip Hop at the moment.

Besides taking his experience from the current role on VH1’s The Breaks and Fox’s Shots Fired, Wilds has also dropped his second musical studio album, AfterHours a week ago.

Wilds and new comer Greg Cally co-wrote and directed a 6-part AfterHours miniseries currently located on Tidal. Tidal has promised in light of the release to dedicate the next three weeks to release 2-episodes every Friday night.

Episodes titled below…

– Choose (2017)
– Stingy (2017)
– Explore (2017)
– Bonnie & Clyde (2017)
– Go Crazy (2017)
– Obsession (2017)

Wilds celebrated his latest artistic presentation with an intimate screening at New York City’s Roxy Hotel Cinema last week.

Check out Mack Wilds in After Hours video…

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