@CThaGod Debuts Ironically Titled Book #BlackPrivilege On Shelves Now

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The name of the intimate book certainly does make an impression…

While Cha is known in Hip-Hop to be playing the “devils advocate” position with artist and various topics, Cha has also released an intimate look within his life which documents from his perception of his rise to his current status as a personality within the media industry.

Not a name that really describes his struggle but definitely fitting and fulling a void which the Hip-Hop/Black community has as a resources.  The motivational book comes as combination of his own story followed by bold advice and his signature commitment to honesty at all costs no matter to who, what, where or how he has to reply to.

Black Privilege Cover Artwork

Black Privilege is currently available on both Hardcover and digital formats via Barnes And Nobles, Itunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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