Congrats @KanyeWest! #TLOP Becomes The First Music Streaming Album To Go Platinum

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TLOP Kanye West Artwork

Yeezy taught us once again…

While we’re not or some of us at least is enjoying the on and off erratic antics from Ye, we have to admit that Kanye knew all along that in less than a year, his album will be certified platinum.

Thanks to music streaming services worldwide, Kanye who recently passed the G.O.O.D Music batan to Pusha, Yeezy has time to pursue other things like more music. The Life of Pablo, music project, released in February of 2016, has been widely streamed over 3 billion times globally. According to other sources and the RIAA the album hit 1.5 billion streams in the US alone, making it the first album to be RIAA-certified platinum project earned by streaming alone.

The effort not only makes Kanye the first but still only album to reach such a status. This is also Yeezy eighth album to reach platinum through out his solo career.

And we’re still waiting for “Cruel Winter” Ye…..

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