#Beyonce Display Some PDA W/ #JayZ In Snippet #DieWithYou On FB Video

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Die With You (Screenshot)

Hip-Hop royal couple celebrate publicly..

While the snippet is 1-min long and featured on FB video and IG, the internet is going nuts. While the couple is generally private, Beyonce is that half who decided to expose a little of these privates to the public. FOr the record Jay has never done this!

But keeping the internet a blaze, “Die With You” music video just made its debut and already has a strong 7.something million views currently.

Essentially Bey dedicated the music video as an ode to Jay in honor of the (believe it or not) couple’s 9th wedding anniversary.  The video features snippets of home movies and another glimpses of the private life of one of Hip-Hop’s most elite couple’s wedding. Of course, Blue Ivy also makes her appearance including some really adorable moments.

Check out the video below or Tidal…

Look out for more….

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