#Spotify And #Soundcloud Looking To Launch New Tier Which Will Charge Its Users

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New charges? New Hi-Fi feature?

A lot of people scoffed at Jay when he decided he’s gonna offer this one tier feature on his Tidal music streaming service but soon enough we knew this was going to happen. With,

  • Views – Drake.
  • Purpose – Justin Bieber.
  • ANTI – Rihanna

According to spotify being the top 3 music streaming albums it was only a matter of time music streaming across the board began creating new tiers to their services. While commercials are a way to make money, creating a Hi-Fi service like Spotify and a $5 tier like Soundcloud will help grow the company’s profits while their user base (Soundcloud 200 Million users, Spotify 30 Million) are in the millions respectively.

While Soundcloud has been touted as a free listener base which has attracted music artist of all genre’s Spotify has attracted the paying base consumer.

The Hi-Fi feature which Tidal boast, gets you listening to music as closest as it can to CDQ, while iTunes has been rated while under the CDQ quality. Spotify has announced it will feature a $10 price tag on their Hi-Fi service music stream while Soundcloud will add a $5 price tag for their “no commercial” music streaming service plus a “pro” on demand feature for $10.

No other music streaming services has announced a Video streaming service to date but Tidal which is often limited to its paid users. Seems like Jay still leading the pack…

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