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High ends brands pushing futuristic looks…

While Apple Watch sales are down and those collaborations with Apple are very much never available, high end fashion brands seem to be turning to Android Wear as a source of inspiration. Their release comes when as tech wear technically aren’t really popular at all, while Samsung and Apple are both equally struggling to create purpose for their wear.

Fossil, Movado and Hugo Boss all very well known for their watches and accessories among many things, are currently teasing with Summer, Fall, Winter releases of their latest ideas. No word yet on if the technology is a hear to stay or a one size fits all watch rather just an entry way to what might be possible for future endeavours. I take it as an experiment to see if wearable tech might be thing in the fashion world.



Kerry Love | VerbNYC

Making it’s debut at Baselworld in Switzerland, Fossil is┬ácalling their wearable tech entry with two pieces titled the Q Venture and Q Explorist, and are described as, “the brand’s slimmest, most feature-packed touchscreen smartwatches to date.” according to Android Police. Both devices are presumably running Android Wear 2.0, and appear to have a digital crown for easier navigation.

Fossil is expecting to fetch a cost between $255 and $275, depending on the model and color. Both the Q Venture and Q Explorist to go on sale in Fall of this year no info on where in the world it will make it debut or will it be exclusive to country or online as yet.



Movado Connect Android Wear

Another Baselworld debut preferably named The Movado Connect which is also set to launch in the fall along with five different styles targeting men’s fashion, with a price tag of $495 according A-Police.

I do recall back in 2015 when the fashion industry first itch for wearable tech, Movado did debut their first experiment but haven’t heard much from the high-end watch designer until now. The watch features has been said encompass the whole fitness element as others.

Hugo Boss


Kerry Love | VerbNYC

The fashion brand debut a 2.0 feature to titled “The Touch” which is supposed to make a debut late August according to Baselworld news. The Touch is also schedule to fetch $395 for the above devices which will come in tones, both black and brown. While the specs are limited as of now it seems like the Hugo Boss while they could of made it thinner they decided to maintain bezel weight and size of one of their manual classic watch pieces. Another Fall debut.

While they are great pieces to fall in love with they are all Android operated but will come with iPhone apps to connect & as I should also say the market for wearables are still a bit ify. But you can have fun for a little price tag on any of the three watches making their debut at Baselworld this year.

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