@rocmarci Debut 15-Track Project Titled #RosebuddsRevenge Plus Music Video

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Roc is back….

Almost four years later since his last release “Marci Beaucoup” of December 2013, Roc is back with touting “Rosebudd’s Revenge” musical project.  During his hiatus the Long Island, NY native dropped a handful of features and has rare appearances in between verses. Seems like the illusive Roc is back, and hopefully will spend some more time than expected.

“Rosebudd’s Revenge” features a 15-track compilation, that also accompanies a slew of self-produced songs alongside Mushroom Jesus, Don C, Animoss & Knxwledge. If you’re still trying to figure out how ROC fits into or where did he come from do a quick google search. Not only has ROC held down NY by himself but also was part of the very infamous group Flipmode Squad during the years 1999-2001 which is better known for the Def Jam era.

Check out “Rosebudd’s Revenge Pt. 1” below plus the track listings of the project which will be available Feb 21st.




Rosebudd's Revenge Back Artwork

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