@Netflix Welcomes Cast Of #DearWhitePeople To Their New Online Home

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Netflix - Dear White People

The epic film turn series finds a home online..

The first trailer for Netflix’s latest series was published today titled “Dear White People”. The series comes after the release of the 2014 indie film which was written and directed by Justin Simien.  The trailer shows the intended diverse group of students at the fictional, largely white Winchester University filling the blanks to the often unspoken and unnoticed things that often paved the way to what we call society. The shows paves a path to both comedy and conflict in an unaware “post-racial” world.

During a panel held in New York City which Verge documented alongside the creator Justin Simien explained that, while making the original film was important to him, each of the characters he introduced needed more space and time to tell their stories.

“These characters belonged on TV,” he said. That said, it was an arduous yet worthwhile process. “It almost killed me, in the best way.”

Watch the trailer to “Dear White People”

Dear White People stars a mix of new faces and actors reprising their roles from the original film. It premieres on April 28th, 2017.

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