Everything You Need To Know About #FittedHats VLOG W/ @DunkOnDunks @HatClub

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Verbnyc - Club House Convo

Hosted at 657 Broadway NYC..

Who knew you could talk about fitted hats? Well there’s an entire industry of hits we were able to break down in this short convo with @DunkOnDunks not only a photographer for some of your favorite street blogs but also a Fitted Hat Addiction.

While he has worked alongside New Era, NBA & some popular sneaker media you can catch DunkOnDunks on IG posted and celebrating some of his favorite fitted hats in his collection. Not only is he proud about the total amount of hats he has collected, but also the knowledge behind some of his hats and the ability to share those personal values with you.

Check out this quick but detailed interview about Fitteds Hats where else but at HatClub…

Location: www.HatClub.com 657 Broadway NYC / site: www.VerbNYC.com / Guest: @DunkOnDunks on IG & Twitter / Hosted: @IamKerryLove

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