@DunksOnDunks Demo The Right Way To Wear A Fitted @HatClub x @VerbNYC

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There’s more to wearing a fitted…

During a part 2 of our interview we decided to impromptu make a “How To..” youtube video on the right way of wearing your fitted for all the fitted wearers out there.

DunksOnDunks displays the right way or the custom way he wears his fitted. Being that he has a fitted hat addiction, Dunks is also in the business of preserving his collection as much as he loves wearing them. In so doing Dunks has figured out a way of wearing his fitteds while preserving the structure & cleanliness of the crown.

Lucky us Dunks shares these techniques with all of Hatclub’s members..

Shot @ www.HatClub.com 657 Broadway NYC
Host @IamKerryLove
Site www.VerbNYC.com

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