The Iconic #HOPE Artist @OBEYGIANT Preps Protest Posters For #DonaldTrump Inauguration

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“We The People” posters prepped for January 20th

Perhaps one of the most well-known political artist of the century, Shepard Fairey best known for his streetwear clothing based on his artwork titled “Obey” & for his 2008 Obama poster that became ubiquitous with Obama’s 2008 HOPE campaign.

The new “We The People” poster will began with a run of three unique images that displays a a woman of islamic faith dawned with an American Flag pattern Hijab, and 2 woman as well as an American Native elder. Scheduled for a run of 350 prints, & $60K goal the original kickstarter took of to $900K.


"We The People" by Shepard Fairey

This gives the protest 15 times more power than originally planned which will spread across the country on Donald Trump, inauguration day, January 20th, with its message that embodied the ethos of the times – “HOPE.”

Interestingly enough the Obey Giant refused to add, Trump’s face to any of his work instead moving the focus onto the American people.

Shepard designed three portraits for the campaign, Chicano graphic artist Ernesto Yerena and Colombian American muralist Jessica Sabogal designed an additional one poster each.

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