#DoSomething Honors #Beyonce And @iJesseWilliams Star-Power Used For Social Change

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Honoring some of the culture’s most influential entertainers for the charitable use of their star power.

Beyhive rejoicing, while the 35-year-old King Bey, has been recognized by DoSomething.org’s as the nation’s most charitable star of the year 2016. As part of the social organization’s honoring of DoSomething.org’s Celebs Gone Good tradition, they continue to honor famous personalities who use their money and social influence to support causes they deem worthy.

Among the most charitable entertainers, Aziz Ansari who just appeared on SNL, Serena Williams who also just picked up another championship through her hard work and dedication to Tennis, John Cena who is an ever growing entertainer & Chance The Rapper who has a history of charity within his family all made the charts.

The 2016 “Top 20 Celebs Gone Good” list:
1 Beyoncé
2 Lin-Manuel Miranda
3 Taylor Swift
4 Demi Lovato
5 Shailene Woodley
6 John Cena
7 Miley Cyrus
8 Lady Gaga
9 Zendaya
10 Jesse Williams
11 Gina Rodriguez
12 Chance the Rapper
13 Tyler Oakley
14 Serena Williams
15 Yara Shahidi
16 Justin Bieber
17 Shawn Mendes
18 Misha Collins
19 Nyle DiMarco
20 Aziz Ansari

In addition to the Top 20 Celebs Gone Good list, DoSomething.org chose five “Celebs to Watch in 2017” highlighting young talent using their platforms to give back. This year’s Celebs to Watch list included:

1 Rowan Blanchard
2 Amandla Stenberg
3 Jaden Smith
4 Alessia Cara
5 Maddie & Mackenzie Ziegler

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