#CES2017 Rumored #iPhone8 Leaks Hit The Net. Hyped To Be The Biggest Announcement From #Apple

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Apple looking to change the game 7 years later, after dropping the legendary iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 unarguably was the Apple phone that actually changed the game, but since that 7-year stint Apple is looking to revive their “innovation” department within iPhone usage with the rumored iPhone 8 release that made its way onto CES 2017 rumor list.

While various tech sites push weird concept shape iPhones, they all agree that Apple has been rumored to working on releasing 3 options on the iPhone 8. Mirror reports that the  existing option of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch handsets will be available through Apple later this year release but also a 5.0 inch will also be available something to place the version right in between the small and largest of the Apple iphone devices.

BRG focused on the possibility of an iPhone 8 release Apple can gain more than usually release than they did with their biggest product release being the iPhone 6, which catered to somewhat around 80 Million customers worldwide.

Some possible added or modified features come with a rumored, all-glass model (very similar to a possible sense of rolling back on the design to the iPhone 4 featured body).  A wire-free power charging device (similar to what Samsung has already installed in their devices) & following the lead of iPhone 7 absence of headphone jacks. The removal of a physical home button (similar to what Blackberry had done with their Passport model). More screen space without the boarders top and bottom and a possible OLED display which is why you would need one of the best cases to help protect your $1 K device.

No word on IOS 10 + updates but there are also an Apple Watch 3 & Macbook Pro rumor too little to pay attention to at the moment. Some might be looking forward to the release while also focus on options and utility…

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