#DjKhaled Debuts His #TheKeys Hardcover And Kindle eBook Via #Amazon

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Dj Khaled: The Keys

Khaled covers the topics of “Stay away from They” & “Don’t ever play yourself” in his new book..

From being 2016’s Snapchat sensation before that he is a business mogul, and even before that he was a music artist mogul, but his new venture with Random House LLC will discuss even more in depth what “They” don’t want you to read this book reveals with his major keys to success.

– Stay away from They
– Don’t ever play yourself
– Secure the bag
– Respect the code
– Glorify your success
– Don’t deny the heat
– Keep two rooms cooking at the same time
– Win, win, win no matter what

Available on Kindle, Hardcover & Audible HERE

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Stay Away from “They”

You hear me saying “Stay away from ‘they’” all the time, but who are “they”? I’ll tell you: “They” are the enemy. “They” want to keep the keys hidden and block you from the pathway of more success, and “they” want to see you to fail. I’ve seen “they” out there and I’ve seen their evil. It makes “they” happy when you don’t prosper and “they” laugh at your plans to make yourself better and get ahead. The person who wants to distract you from your studies or your career with their drama? That’s a “they.” That’s a big “they.” But here’s a major key: As long as you stay away from “they,” you will prosper.

People ask me how “they” become that way. I tell them—hate makes you “they.” Back in the day I used to just call “they” haters, but I realized after a while that I had to change that word out of necessity. “They” are sneakier than that—“they” take all forms. For some it will be immediately apparent that there’s hate in their hearts, but others have a disguise.

There’s the type who will do everything in their power to befriend you; “they” will want to hug you and kiss you, meet your family, and become your friend. You’ve even got the kind who bring you thoughtful presents. But even if a “they” hid their true nature at the beginning, eventually you’ll see their evil energy. The “they” vibe is a mess. You know that feeling in your gut when you meet someone who seems off? Young world: Pay close attention to that feeling and trust your instincts. It doesn’t matter how new or inexperienced you are, or how influential “they” are, or what “they” have that you don’t. Don’t get distracted by the gifts and affection and don’t ever think a “they” knows what’s best for you.

We should be seeing more from the Man of the YEAR, on tour with his new book and number 1 album.

Dj Khaled: The Keys C

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