NC Native @JalenSantoy Debuts His #CharlieEastern EP Stream via #Tidal

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jalen_santoy_-_charlie_eastern-mp3-streamCharlie Eastern EP

Charlie Eastern is a tribute album to the bros..

The 7-song musical compilation from Jalen Santoy is not your average album release. There’s much more meaning the provoc behind the “Charlie Eastern” titled album. The name oddly enough comes from the music group that his siblings created to keep them engaged rather than be on the streets. While the band is broken up the group remains alive in this significant release for Jalen Santoy. & that was just a little history about the NC native.

Stick around for sometime to learn more about the artist who has also made the stream available on Tidal, below…

but you should also check out the imagery behind the mind Jalen Santoy in his latest visual release of “Foreplay”

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