#LeBronJames Puts Up $2.5-Million Of His Own Money Towards The #MuhammadAli Exhibit

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Lebron the real MVP for this..

The reigning 2016 champ, leading the CAVS into victory, LeBron James will be donating $2.5-million of his own money to another our reigning champ’s history will carry on into generations ahead of us. The Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History in Washington, D.C., will be host to the Muhammad Ali exhibit as announced last week.

While the Cleveland Cavaliers forward admits of being a longtime fan of the athlete and activist ,Ali, he also will use Ali’s inspiration to ensure that his legacy lives on through his initial donation to the museum. This should solidify the exhibit for years to come.

“Every professional athlete, regardless of race and gender, owes a huge debt of gratitude to Muhammad Ali,” James said in a statement. “His legacy deserves to be studied and revered by every generation.”

The champ’s training robe worn at Dundee’s Fifth Street Gym in Miami as well as a detailed journey of Ali in and out of the ring, highlighting his community activism, spirituality and politics.

“We are extremely grateful to LeBron James,” said Damion Thomas, curator of the museum’s Sports Gallery. “As the most socially active superstar in sports today, LeBron James is a testament to the influence of Muhammad Ali (who) embodied the racial and social tumult of his times, blurring lines between politics and sports, activism and entertainment.”

The funds will also support the museum itself, which is located on the National Mall.

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