After His 3RD Gold Medal #CarmeloAnthony: (I Know This Is The End. It Is For Me)

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Melo nearing NBA retirement?

The United States men’s basketball team entered the 2016 Rio Olympics as a top competitor this year despite their many memes & setting fashion trends throughout the trails but they also ended the 2016 Olympics as Gold medal winners dismantling Serbia 96-66 on Sunday afternoon.

The W, gave Carmelo Anthony also a KNICK forward his 3rd Gold Medal of his career. But with that medal came very saddening news that the longtime Knick, is retiring from the future Olympics which also might be a possible retirement as a KNICK as well.

In a momentarily interview right after their Gold Medal win, Carmelo was interview by an NBA correspondent,

“I knew this is the end. This is it for me. I committed to something, I committed to this in ’04. I’ve seen the worst and I’ve seen the best. And I stuck with it. And we stuck with it. And I’m here today, three gold medals later. I’m just, I’m excited for me but also for the other guys who never experienced anything like this.” 

An emotional Anthony, taking the W with his teammates as he is getting ready to turn his focus onto winning an NBA title as a KNICK before retirement.


See you back in NYC soon Melo…


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