#Sleep Painter Who Inspired @KanyeWest #Famous Music Video Sends Praises

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The painter who gave Kanye West his inspiration for the music video if you have not yet been informed is, Vincent Desiderio.  Vincent is responsible for the painting titled “Sleep”.  The painting  portrays much like Kanye final scene people sleeping all together in the same bed.

“It was very cryptic, and quite mysterious. I received a phone call and I was told that Kanye was an enormous fan of my work, and he would like to meet me.”

Upon first hearing of Kanye’s request to meet in person, Vincent reveals in an interview with NPR over the weekend.


Vincent spoke about receiving the initial call, to flying out to West’s event and also seeing the music video for the very first time in depth with NPR.

I was gobstruck, is the word. I was absolutely floored and honored, and I almost felt like crying. I think that Kanye and I embraced each other, and everyone else was sort of like that — they were all high-fiving me and hugging me. There are experiences like that in the arts where somebody actually gets what you’re doing. Not that your goal is to communicate — it’s more self-enlightenment. But at that moment I realized that Kanye and I were on the same page completely. He was an art student, and speaking to him was like speaking to the brightest of my peers.

Feel free to LISTEN to the entire interview below or you can READ it HERE

You can also check out Ye’s 10-Min music video of the inspired painting..

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