#Kobe Remains Third Highest Scorer In #LaLakers And #NBA History

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kobe_.bryant 3 highest scorer in the nba

About a week ago the Kobe decided it was time for his last game. The game happen to be against the Utah Jazz, where Koke were fortunate to rack up 60-points during the game. While all were in attendance and tickets almost up to $55K to see the once in a lifetime last game, Kobe according to the rankings of “Statista” (the stats website) shows the all-time scoring leaders of the NBA since 1946 up to of April 13th, 2016.

Kobe Bryant with a point total of 33,643 scores third in the NBA as ALL TIME leading scorer. Kobe Bryant is only the fifth player in the history of the NBA to score more than 30,000 points according to the stats below.

If you were an NBA history you would also happen to know that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Karl Malone were the top scorers in NBA history as well.

NBA player & Number of points scored

Statistic: NBA all-time scoring leaders - total number of points scored** (as at April th, 2016) | Statista




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