@Nas Has Invested Interest In Over 40 Companies Through His QueensBridge Venture Firm

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Nas Discusses Investing In Over 40 Companies Through His QueensBridge Venture Partners Firm

Within the past five years, Nas and his partner through Queensbridge Venture Firm, has gained partnership in approximately 40 other companies.

That’s a partnership every eight months for the past 5 years. Some of those companies are Fancy, Coinbase, Rap Genius, Prism Skylabs, Zest Finance, Stance, mParticle, Proven, Earbits, Trendabl, Crowdtilt, 21E6, Balanced, MeCommerce, DeviantArt, 500 Startups, Push IO, Swarm Mobile, Glio, Boosted Boards, MadeFire, Fashion GPS, Washio, SellSimple, Hotelzilla, Signal Ventures, Clean Plates, BOXC, MediaSpike, CapLinked, and his latest effort with the young millionaire who introduced BEVEL.

nas and bevel

In a press release last month, Nas announced his partnership with the mens shaving company with the release of the Bevel trimmer.  THe Bevel company already worth approx half-a-billion dollars has just released their first trimmer. And the debut came with a commercial with the legendary Hip-hop artist, Nas.

According to Crunchbase, Nas (personal) and his partners at QVF has already invest quarter of a Billion dollars in various companies across the globe.  The Manager

Partner, Nas, has been leading the investing relationship since his contribution since 2011 to present.

In an interview with CNBC Money, they have categorized the music artist along with Hip-hop most popular investors Jay Z, 50 Cent & Dr. Dre being the most recognizable names becoming one of the fairly most commonplace for this new wave of investors.  How does one of rap’s living legends define his investment philosophy? Jones’ answer is surprisingly simple.

“People. That is the absolute No. 1,” Jones told CNBC via email. “I love to bet on great people that inspire me and make me think or see things differently.”

As Nas continues to pursue business relationships compared to his past music, chart-topping days the music still zeros in on being choosy about the people he surrounds himself with.

“I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by the smartest people in the world, and didn’t want to limit that to just music,” he wrote to CNBC.

You can read more on Nas and his interview with CNBC HERE

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