Making Your Mark This Year (Don’t Take Sh*t From Anyone)

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thumb print by Cheryl Song

Picture Cred: Thumbprint Print – Cheryl Song

I have yet heard of anyone getting an advance check from Instagram or Twitter for their accomplishment in receiving a significant amount of LIKES on their post.

Neither has #KimK nor #Beyonce. These LIKES bring no income what-so-ever unless, you are intentionally offering a product that can monetize your QUALITY OF LIVING. Both Kim & Fetty joined the industry by released their own emoji line, while 2 Chainz made a $1 Million over the Christmas with his “Dappin Santa” sweater release. There is evidence that the DIY projects are becoming increasingly popular with the emergence of online and mobile applications, intentionally targeting the indie creators across the globe. Besides the fact that industry saturation is setting in, there are still possible ways in finding a path to make your mark.

The thing that mainly stands out is the opportunity to develop your talent & skills while increasing your opportunity to self-publish your own work.  Artist alike are becoming less dependant on the gate-keepers from music, fashion, and the publishing industry. While majors like iTunes, Google Play, Esty, Ebay & Amazon continue to revise industry standards, splitting percentages are being increased due to the share volume of product industries are currently moving online.

All of the programs have one thing in common and that is “self-publishing”. You can create your own income by self-publishing, while creating a second revenue stream.  Many available resources have been made available for the amatuer (someone who does it for the love versus professional: someone who does it for money) to create their own stream without getting caught up in the industry of gossip or retail. Before moving forward I don’t think anyone can stress enough the importance of GETTING THE WORK DONE!  That is write a piece of work that aides in the awareness of the industry, culture or practice you’re curating.

thumb print by Cheryl Song

Self-publishing your music has become easier and less technical through the use of iTunes Connect accounts, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify music streams.  Self-publishing your art/fashion/photography products has become easier and less technical through the use of Ebay, Esty, MagCloud and Bigcartel hosting sites that cater to retailing through indie online retail stores. Self-publishing your literature has become easier and less technical through iTunes, Google Play, Barnes & Nobles and Amazon, many of those programs now allow PDF upload format as apart from IOS’s epub requirements.

  • Writing resources include Writer App, Microsoft Word App among the majors.
  • Art resources include Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook made available for both Android/IOS users, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Paper by Fifty Three, Artflow amongst others.
  • Music resources include Protools, Garageband App, MixPad Music Mixer Free, AmpliTube, Mixxx amongst others

Among the major 3 industries mentioned above there are hundreds if not more things you can do to cultivate a quality of living for yourself.  Some might prefer the least amount of stress by working for someone else and there is no lack of pride in that.  If that’s what you want to do then I’m sure you will do it at your best. I wish I had the time to research and write more but I thought a brief of independance might influence you enough to pursue your intentions.

Good luck on your journey and I hope you find what you are looking for.

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