Getting Your Feet Wet: How The Business Of #Sneakers Can Create Wealth For You (Interview w/ @DeeWellsOSD @OSDLive)

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getting your feet wet

There’s a business in a hobby…

While the sneaker culture continues to gain popularity across the globe, there is a growing business outside of sneaker branding.  Unlike any other product, the sneaker brands are becoming more involved in the (resale) trading, buying and selling of sneakers alongside independent self-titled collectors, who are growing the emerging business from within the culture.  Sneaker trade shows are gaining momentum and so are the self-identified sneaker enthusiast. As part of the personal-finance article we interviewed Dee Wells.

Wells, best known as the co-founder and partner of the niche culture titled Obsessive Sneaker Disorder ( He also has a hand in curating the Brooklyn Museum (The Rise Of Sneakers) exhibit, currently on display. We asked the sneaker culture curator about alternative investments other than the now-common selling, buying and trading of sneakers.

As part of the culture we have also the opportunity to create wealth through investing into the business. One of those ways, is to become actively involved in the trading of stocks through the sneaker brands. As their own popularity rise, so will their stocks.

“The best way to get started in buying sneaker stocks is to open an account”

“The best way to get started in buying sneaker stocks is to open an account, say, with Sharebuilder, e-Trade or check with your bank to see if they offer stock accounts where you can buy portions of stocks or whole shares,” he said. “My advice is to buy stock in companies that you already buy and use their products. This applies to all stocks and not just sneaker stocks,” he explained.

“But, for the sake of this interview, if you like Nike sneakers or Air Jordan sneakers, then it makes sense to buy Nike stock, (August 3rd 2015 cost $110.76 per share) which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange as NKE”. he said. Buying into the brand is definitely one way to go if you buy the product why not buy a % of the company’s worth in stock right?, but, do not just limit yourself to sneaker brands, there are also the retailers like Footlocker / Champs Sports (Sept. 3rd $70.93 per share) and Finishline (Sept. 3rd $26.18 per share) or other streetwear retail chains like Zumiez (Sept. 3rd $23.17 per share) and Urban Outfitters (Sept. 3rd $31.14 per share) who have a continuous yearly opportunities, some not as expensive as the sneaker / sneaker brand themselves and with the addition of Kanye West and recent designers, the Adidas brand continue to grow (Sept. 3rd $67.28 per share).

“each person doesn’t have to invest a lot of money to get in the game”

Finally, Wells along with his OSD brand partner will launch the “OSD Investment Club” (OSDIC). The club “is being formed and it will allow people who may be a little hesitant to buy stocks on their own to buy footwear stocks as a group, similar to a mutual funds, so that each person doesn’t have to invest a lot of money to get in the game,” he said. This will allow the potential / younger interested investors to get their feet wet for the experience as well as the knowledge of the potential business.

“the positives outweigh the negatives”

Although “there’s NO reasons to stay away from sneaker culture!” Wells suggested,  “it’s made up of a wide range of people and it consists of a truly a diverse mix of people”, other than the periodic “negatives that exist, the senseless crimes that are committed over a pair of sneakers, the positives outweigh the negatives”.  Similar to the art community “Sneakers are wearable pieces of art and they can even be used as teaching tools to teach kids about Mathematics, English as well as Sociology,” Wells says. #WalkGood.

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