5 #Stock Options Less Expensive Than A Pair Of #BeatsByDre Headphones

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beats by dre invest ment

Why own the product when you can own the company?

The inspiration for this article comes via a few reads in which young people have shown great talent in investing in stocks rather than purchasing products with their money.  Although their is risk in every investment, there is definitely a better opportunity in purchasing stocks rather than a product with a limited time warranty versus the company that will continue to diversify their products and company for an intended longevity brand.

I came up with FIVE brands that still do exist and are very much part of urban community purchase habits.  Each of these brands sell directly to the urban community and so instead of purchasing a pair of personal headphones with a two year lifetime warranty like Beats By Dre, we can also use out money to purchase a LIFETIME % of the company.

Here are the companies in no specific order or ratings as of July 18th 2015.

Acer Incorporated, The computer company that continue to evolve technology through tablets, laptops and personal desktop computers.

acer stock - Google Search

Finish Line INC, is a retail sneaker company that owns stores in various parts of the nation. They depend on sneaker and sales on sporting accessories throughout the year. We have at some point came in contact with the brand beit in a physical store or a Google search.

finish line stock symbol - Google Search

Zumiez INC. Zumiez began as an online retail store which pioneered “street wear” and other fashion accessories. They have recently invested in launching physical stores throughout the country. This is also a store that you might have encountered online if you are a streetwear shopper.

zumiez stock price - Google Search

Best Buy Co INC, The electronics giant of the nation has also evolved throughout the years. Making room in their department stores for an entertainment department, a home electronics departments and musical instruments in selected stores.

best buy stock price - Google Search

Barnes & Nobles INC, the book based store not only has launched an impressive online department which involves the use of their own “Nook” reading tablet but they have also opened their programs to independent book retailers, authors and other type of writers or anything that’s available in book form.

barnes and noble stock price - Google Search

I’m sure there are so much more brands we can think of and investigate but these are only a beginning FIVE brands and most popular brands I can find to set things off. ENJOY your new life

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