7 #FinancialPlanning Apps You Control Until You Become A Celebrity

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best mobile apps to keep check of your money

Change the way you back to your lifestyle.

I’m not celebrity so at least I can tell you personally, what I use to track and manage my accounts. The thing is that until we start seeing our money for exactly what it is we cannot grow. At times like myself have experienced I didn’t like what I saw but ignoring it does not necessarily make the problem go away. Tracking and learning from our spending, savings and our cost of living versus how much we get paid is all valid things to be worried about, but with that worry you should be able to make more educated planning using the apps suggested below.

Hope this helps you achieve where you would like to be financially,

acorns mobile

Acorns is a new smartphone app that is available for download on both IOS & Android platforms. The app while connected to your debit/credit card allows you invest your “spare change” (similar to Bank of America “Keep the change” program) into a diversified portfolio of stocks & bonds. The app also tracks your spending as it depends on your “loose change” for investments.

For example, if you bought a jacket at Stussy using your debit card for $99.43 connected to the Acorns app, your charge will be “round up” your purchase to $100 and an investment of $0.57 will go into a brokerage account. The idea is that these small investments will make it simple and easy for folks to start saving and investing. Perfect app for someone who wants to begin making investments while keep track of their spending habits.

mint mobile

Mint, The budgeting and bill pay app is available for both IOS and Android. While the mobile app is a bit limited with its features compared to the full website, the app comes equipped with enough that you can pull out your smartphone and review or calculate purchases you’re considering or those in the past and how it will affect your present and future cash flow.

The app is simplified and comes with alerts that may have been caused by over-spending or budgeting conflicts.

spendees mobile

The mobile app, Spendee also comes available for IOS and Android download. Keeping track of your personal finances should not be a hassle, that is why Spendee created a very simple and colorful paraphrase of what your finances looks like.

Mostly designed to keep track of expenditures and nothing like investing, or keep the change or mortgage calculators involves.

simple mobile

This Simple, app was designed for IOS and Android while it does not act like a bank its considered a “pre-paid” to your money as it gives you a more detailed outlook than what is being deposited and withdraw. A bit different from the other apps, it’s also an online-only bank account that also comes with a debit card that you get in the mail a few days after you sign up for the service.

You can transfer money into the account, much like a “prepaid” account,  the app will automatically show the transaction on the recent activities page, similar to how any other online banking service would work.

paypal screenshot mobile

The Paypal, mobile app is becoming very popular. Not just because of its security but its also one of the best ways to pay for things via online without inputting your bank account number or your credit/debit card number into retail sites. It is the safest way to pay for online purchases. Consider it the pitbull of you debit/credit card numbers.

The app was designed to keep your information safe while giving you the flexibility of filing claims if purchases show up broken, or does not show up at all, plus it keeps track of your spending as online sites like Netflix, have the recurring payment monthly options available for the specific app.

bankrate mobile

What might be one of the least popular apps on this list can be your favorite app of all time. Ever considered buying a car? something that simple can be very complicated as insurance and mortgages get involved, and while people are being ripped off through advisors the app creates a barebone result to what you are requesting.

The Mortgage app and Auto apps are free for IOS and Android which are both worth the check out if you plan on purchasing and hope to create a budget to get there.

turbotax mobile

The last app is Turbotax.  Probably one of the best do-it-yourself apps available but not without a price tag.  The app is free to download but when you ultimately decide to “File” and “Submit” there will be pending optional price tag on the filing package you’ve chosen. Still a very good app for someone that would like to learn first hand how does taxes work, it might not be a full over view but it does get the job done with the ability to claim dependents, businesses and earn tax credits.

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